Pharma Companies are subject to rapid change when it comes to product and competitors. A company’s Ability to generate competitive advantage through its Cl capabilities has now become pre-requisite for survival as a management decision can only be as good as the information it is based on.

60+-Delegates (1)



6+-Hours-of-Dedicated (1)

6+ Hours

of Dedicated

20+-Industry-Leaders (1)


Industry Leaders

2-Practical-Workshops (1)



Dedicated to application and adoption of competitve & market intelligence to keep ahead of competitors in developing medicines effectives and faster.

Pharma CMI India 2024 is a 2 day event; on day one, there will be presentations, talks, panel and Roundtable discussion by industry experts and Day two, is dedicated to training in CI/MI.

Topics to be covered

  • CI/MI in Pharma - Key trends, challenges and opportunities for pharma companies.
  • Tools and technology to improve and support CI professionals and companies.
  • How CI Professionals need to adopt best practices to keep ahead of competitors.
  • The role of CI/MI in shaping/evolving business strategies in organizations.
  • Discovering how to create a proactive CI department in order to  anticipate competitor movement and strengthen counter  intelligence
  • How to successfully position the CI Departments with Pharma  company and prove the added value
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